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J1304_201110 - Cutting Edge - Cross Sections Loader Straight with Bolt Holes

Document Number: J1304_201110
Revision Number:
Cutting Edge - Cross Sections Loader Straight with Bolt Holes
For cutting edges used on buckets for loaders defined in SAE J1057a. The dimensions are applicable to rolled and machined sections only. Cutting edge cross section thickness is limited to a maximum of 35 mm. Bolt-on tooth adapters are rarely used on loader buckets with cutting edge thicknesses in excess of 35 mm. This recommended practice applies only to straight cutting edges defined as those whose leading edge and rear edge are parallel and thus are of constant cross section. Overall cross sections to which bolt holes were added as indicated by this recommended practice were selected from those indicated per "Cutting Edge—Cross Sections Loader Straight," SAE J1303 FEB85. Selection was based on minimum section width requirements to accommodate bolt-on tooth adapters. NOTE - For some heavy-duty applications, cross sections with larger blunts, greater bevel angles, and larger bolt holes may be required.
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