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J49_201207 - Specification Definitions - Hydraulic Backhoes

Document Number: J49_201207
Revision Number:
Specification Definitions - Hydraulic Backhoes
1.1 This standard applies to hydraulic backhoes which have no more than 190 degrees of rotational swing, and are mounted on wheel tractors and crawler tractors. 1.2 Purpose The purpose of the standard is to establish a uniform method of providing dimensional and operational specifications for hydraulic backhoes. Dimensional and operational specifications are determined without assembly or equipment changes such as buckets, dippersticks, etc. When specifications are affected by adjustable or extendable members, the position must be specified. 4.2.1 – 6.2 are further defined by Figures 1–8. Figures 1–8 are not intended to be descriptive of any existing machine and are used only to clarify the meaning of the standard.
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