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MTC C5, Excavators

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1097_200804 Hydraulic Excavator Lift Capacity Calculation and Test Procedure Apr 14, 2008 Canceled
J1177_201201 Hydraulic Excavator Operator Controls Jan 09, 2012 Reaffirmed
J1179_200803 Hydraulic Excavator and Backhoe Digging Forces Mar 10, 2008 Canceled
J1193_200103 Nomenclature and Dimensions for Hydraulic Excavators Mar 02, 2001 Canceled
J1307_200208 Excavator and Backhoe Hand Signals Aug 29, 2002 Reaffirmed
J1309_201201 Travel Performance and Rating Procedure, Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators, Material Handlers, Knuckle Boom Log Loaders, and Certain Forestry Equipment Jan 06, 2012 Stabilized
J1371_200202 Hydraulic Excavator Swing Performance and Rating Procedure Feb 21, 2002 Canceled
J2506_201204 Material Handler Nomenclature and Specifications Apr 11, 2012 Revised
J2518_201207 Lift Capacity Calculation Method Scrap and Material Handlers Jul 20, 2012 Revised
J2754_201405 Volumetric Rating of Excavator Mounted, Bucket Linkage Operated Grapples May 07, 2014 Revised
J296_199901 Excavator, Mini-excavator, and Backhoe Hoe Bucket Volumetric Rating Jan 30, 1999 Canceled
J31_201205 Hydraulic Backhoe Lift Capacity May 11, 2012 Stabilized
J67_201410 Shovel Dipper, Clam Bucket, and Dragline Bucket Rating Oct 24, 2014 Stabilized