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J2023_200306 - Operating Precautions for Horizontal Earthboring Machines

Document Number: J2023_200306
Revision Number:
Operating Precautions for Horizontal Earthboring Machines
These general operator precautions apply to horizontal earthboring machines as defined in SAE J2022. These should not be considered as all-inclusive for all specific uses and unique features of each particular type of machine. Other more specific operator precautions not mentioned herein should be covered by users of this SAE Recommended Practice for each particular machine application. Purpose This document is intended to be used as a guide for manufacturers and users of horizontal earthboring machines to improve the degree of personal safety for operators and others during normal operation and servicing. Avoidance of accidents also depends upon the care exercised by such persons. Inclusion of this practice in state, federal, or any laws or regulations where flexibility of revision is lacking is discouraged.
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