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J1083_201205 - Unauthorized Starting or Movement of Machines

Document Number: J1083_201205
Revision Number:
Unauthorized Starting or Movement of Machines
This SAE Recommended Practice applies to construction, general purpose industrial, forestry, and specialized mining machinery as categorized in SAE J1116. It describes the machine components and systems that should be disconnected, secured, or otherwise rendered inoperative. Deterrent systems or devices covered by this recommended practice are to be used when the machine is shut down per the manufacturer's shut down instructions. It is not the intent of this recommended practice to protect the machine or the authorized machine operator, or to protect against abuse, destructive vandalism, or theft. Purpose This recommended practice is a guide for locking or otherwise rendering inoperative the starting, control, and parking release systems to deter unauthorized machine or working tool movement while the machine is shut down.
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