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J88_201306 - Sound Measurement - Off-Road Work Machines - Exterior

Document Number: J88_201306
Revision Number:
Sound Measurement - Off-Road Work Machines - Exterior
This SAE Standard sets forth the instrumentation and procedure to be used in measuring the exterior sound levels for self-propelled sweepers as defined in SAE J2130 and self-propelled off-road work machines in categories 1,2,4, and 5 of SAE J1116. This document does not address the operation of safety devices such as backup alarms, horns, or accessories. The sound levels obtained by using the test procedures set forth in this document are repeatable and are representative of the higher range of sound levels generated by machines under actual field operating conditions. Due to variability of field operating conditions, this data is not intended to be used for construction site boundary noise evaluations.
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