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J1617_199311 - Body Corrosion-A Comprehensive Introduction

Document Number: J1617_199311
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Body Corrosion-A Comprehensive Introduction
The mechanism of automotive body corrosion is scientific, based on established laws of chemistry and physics. Yet there are many opinions related to the cause of body corrosion, not always based on scientific axioms. the purpose of this SAE Information report is to present a basic understanding of the types of body corrosion, the factors that contribute to body corrosion, the testing procedures, evaluation of corrosion performance, and glossary o related terms. The purpose of this document is to provide a basic understanding of body corrosion as influenced by materials, environment, design, pretreatment and paint systems, and evaluation thereof. If the reader requires in-depth information on these subjects, additional reading material and personal contacts should be pursued with raw material, paint, chemical, and equipment suppliers.
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