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J2629_201106 - Standard Formats for Presenting Acoustical Data

Document Number: J2629_201106
Revision Number:
Standard Formats for Presenting Acoustical Data

SAE developed this document at the request of automobile manufacturers to help compare products from multiple suppliers using standard data presentation formats. This document includes several preferred formats for presenting acoustical data on materials, components, systems, or vehicles. These formats cover the range of acoustical tests commonly conducted in the automotive industry. These tests follow SAE and ASTM test practices as well as vehicle specific test methods.

For each test, the details of samples and test conditions are entered into an electronic template together with the acoustical results data. These data are then linked to standard graphical display(s) for each test. All manufacturers and suppliers in this industry are encouraged to present data and results in these formats.

Although this practice was developed specifically for use in the automotive industry, the formats are useable in otherindustries and applications as well.

This standard can be purchased separately or as part of a collection of companion spreadsheets, which allow the user to enter their own data and generate specific acoustical test results.

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