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J17_200910 - Latex Foam Rubbers

Document Number: J17_200910
Revision Number:
Latex Foam Rubbers
These specifications and methods of testing apply to cellular-rubber products known as latex foam rubbers but do not apply to sponge and expanded rubbers. The base material used in their manufacture may be natural rubber, reclaimed rubber, synthetic rubber, or rubberlike materials, alone or in combination. In case of conflict between the provisions of these general specifications and those of detailed specifications or methods of test for a particular product, the latter shall take precedence. Reference to methods for testing cellular-rubber products should specifically state the particular test or tests desired. The SAE Committee on Automotive Rubber Specifications has concluded, that in light of the fact that SAE J17 is a mirror image of ASTM D 1055, SAE J17 will be eliminated in the year 2005.
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