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Carbon and Alloy Steels Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1081_200011 Potential Standard Steels Nov 10, 2000 Revised
J1249_200812 Former SAE Standard and Former SAE Ex-Steels Dec 02, 2008 Reaffirmed
J1268_201005 Hardenability Bands for Carbon and Alloy H Steels May 03, 2010 Revised
J1397_199205 Estimated Mechanical Properties and Machinability of Steel Bars May 01, 1992 Revised
J1442_200309 High-Strength, Hot-Rolled Steel Bars Sep 24, 2003 Revised
J1868_201002 Restricted Hardenability Bands for Selected Alloy Steels Feb 15, 2010 Revised
J1975_199711 Case Hardenability of Carburized Steels Nov 01, 1997 Revised
J2281_201003 Selecting and Specifying Hot-Rolled Steel Bar Products Mar 01, 2010 Revised
J368_199303 High-Strength, Quenched, and Tempered Structural Steels Mar 01, 1993 Canceled
J401_201203 Selection and Use of Steels Mar 12, 2012 Revised
J402_200507 New Steel Designation System for Wrought or Rolled Steel Jul 20, 2005 Revised
J403_201406 Chemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels Jun 30, 2014 Revised
J404_200901 Chemical Compositions of SAE Alloy Steels Jan 27, 2009 Revised
J406_200903 Methods of Determining Hardenability of Steels Mar 27, 2009 Revised
J409_199502 Product Analysis-Permissible Variations From Specified Chemical Analysis of a Heat Or Cast of Steel Feb 01, 1995 Reaffirmed
J410_199212 High Strength, Low Alloy Steel Dec 01, 1992 Canceled
J411_201501 Carbon and Alloy Steels Jan 23, 2015 Revised
J412_199510 General Characteristics and Heat Treatments of Steels Oct 01, 1995 Revised
J413_201110 Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated Wrought Steels Oct 27, 2011 Reaffirmed
J450_200202 Use of Terms Yield Strength and Yield Point Feb 27, 2002 Reaffirmed
J935_200911 High-Strength Carbon and Alloy Die Drawn Steels Nov 24, 2009 Reaffirmed