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J416_199905 - Tensile Test Specimens

Document Number: J416_199905
Revision Number:
Tensile Test Specimens
When required, unless otherwise specified in the SAE Standards or Recommended Practices, tensile test specimens for metals shall be selected and prepared in accordance with this report. ASTM E 8, Methods of Tension Testing of Metallic Materials, gives more detailed information on tensile testing procedure, and ASTM E 4, Methods of Load Verification of Testing Machines, provides information on testing equipment calibration. In recommending these specimens for use in tensile tests it is not intended to exclude entirely the use of other test specimens for special materials or for special forms of material. It is, however, recommended that these specimens be used wherever it is feasible. Machining of specimens shall be done in such a manner as to avoid leaving severe machining strains in the material. Specimens shall be finished so that the surfaces are smooth and free from nicks and tool marks. All ragged edges shall be smoothed.
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