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J418_199905 - Grain Size Determination of Steels

Document Number: J418_199905
Revision Number:
Grain Size Determination of Steels
This classification for grain size comprises three sets of comparison charts to be used for determining grain size. These charts are presented in three categories as follows: Plate I - Untwinned grains (flat etch) Plate II - Twinned grains (flat etch) Plate IV - Austenite grains in steel (McQuaid-Ehn test or other test) Table 1 lists a number of materials and the comparison charts that are suggested for use in estimating their grain size by the comparison method. NOTEĀ—The suggestions in Table 1 are based upon the customary practices in industry. For specimens prepared according to special techniques, the appropriate comparison chart should be selected on a structural appearance basis as described in the Scope.
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