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J1058_199912 - Standard Sheet Steel Thickness

Document Number: J1058_199912
Revision Number:
Standard Sheet Steel Thickness
This SAE Recommended Practice provides an orderly series for designating the thickness of unocated and coated hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheet and strip. This document also provides methods for specifying thickness tolerances. Requirements of industry permit leeway in the choice of thickness in some instances, but it is recognized that for many applications, particularly the tonnage requirements of the mass production industries, thickness is normally determined by critical engineering design or manufacturing considerations. However, for general applications or where requirements permit some latitude in the selection of thickness, the preferred thickness given in Table 1 will facilitate interchangeability of different metals in design, reduce inventory, and increase the availability in warehouse stocks of thicknesses commonly required for general applications. All of the thicknesses listed are not necessarily produced in all metals and grades. Producers or distributors must be consulted to determine availability of a particular thickness for a given metal product.
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