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J1774_201006 - Design Guidelines for Fiberboard Materials

Document Number: J1774_201006
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Design Guidelines for Fiberboard Materials
This document provides information on the various fiberboard products, which are available for automotive application. It is intended to give engineers and designers a better understanding of product usage, characteristics, properties and industry terminology. The following sections cover these topics: 2. General Product Information 3. Design Characteristics 4. Physical/Mechanical Properties 5. Fiberboard Definitions In sections 2, 3 and 4 the fiberboard products are categorized. These sections give an overview of product types, with general information about characteristics and properties. In cases where product categories encompass more than one material or material grade, ranges were established to cover all of the products in that category. The individual companies that supply fiberboard products should be consulted for specific information about a particular product or application.
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