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J314_201208 - Felts - Wool and Part Wool

Document Number: J314_201208
Revision Number:
Felts - Wool and Part Wool
This SAE Standard identifies chemical/mechanical properties, thickness, width, mass, and other requirements recommended for felts (refer to Tables 1 and 2). It was developed with the cooperation of the Standardization Committee of the Felt Association, Inc., and in accordance with the ASTM tests indicated in the document. The commercial trade designations of the more commonly used grades of automotive felts are given along with complete specifications and tolerances for thickness, mass, wool content, chemical and physical requirements, color, and width. General information, recommended uses, etc., are published in Appendix A as a guide in the selection of felts for particular uses, but the requirements for each application should be taken into consideration in making final selections.
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