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HS2600 - SAE Maintainability, Repairability, and Serviceability standards manual

Document Number: HS2600
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SAE Maintainability, Repairability, and Serviceability standards manual
There has been increasing national and international awareness and concern about the limited nature of the world's natural resources, especially those used in the production of automotive products. This concern has been translated into conservation measures undertaken by the public, industry and government. Many of these measures have been directed at more efficient use and reuse of both raw and processed materials. In response SAE has greatly expanded established efforts, and initiated new efforts, for the development of Technical Reports (Standards, Recommended Practices, and Information Reports) pertaining to the maintainability, repairability, and serviceability of motor vehicles. These programs have related to all types of vehicles, include those operating on-highway off-highway, in the air and on water. Sections 2 and 5 of this SAE Manual provide compendia of reports on these subjects which have been produced by specialized committees functioning under the SAE Technical Board.
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