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Towability Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1142_199402 Towability Design Criteria and Equipment Use-Passenger Cars, Vans, and Light-Duty Trucks Feb 02, 1994 Revised
J1143_199402 Towed Vehicle/Tow Equipment Attachment Test Procedure-Passenger Cars, Vans, and Light Duty Trucks Feb 01, 1994 Revised
J1144_200009 Towed Vehicle Drivetrain Test Procedure Passenger Cars, Vans, and Light-duty Trucks Sep 01, 2000 Revised
J1884_200502 Vehicle Jack Requirements and Test Procedure Feb 04, 2005 Canceled
J2069_200102 Recovery Attachment Points for Passenger Cars, Vans, and Light Trucks Feb 01, 2001 Revised
J2512_199908 Towing Equipment Ratings and Practices Aug 01, 1999 Issued