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J1122_200410 - Helical Springs: Specification Check Lists

Document Number: J1122_200410
Revision Number:
Helical Springs: Specification Check Lists
This SAE Recommended Practice furnishes sample forms for helical compression, extension and torsion springs to provide a uniform method for specifying design information. It is not necessary to fill in all the data, but sufficient information must be supplied to fully describe the part and to satisfy the requirements of its application. For detailed information, see 'Design and Application of Helical and Spiral Springs - SAE HS 795 SEP82', also 'Helical Compression and Extension Spring Terminology - SAE J1121 NOV75.' Both of these documents use SI (metric) units in accordance with the provisions of SAE J916 MAY85, and so does SAE J1122. Here, however, the U.S. Customary Units (in, lb, psi) have been added in parentheses after each SI Unit for the convenience of the user who must furnish specifications on a project where all requirements are listed in non-metric terms.
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