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HS1576 - Manual for Incorporating Pneumatic Springs in Vehicle suspension designs

Document Number: HS1576
Revision Number:
Manual for Incorporating Pneumatic Springs in Vehicle suspension designs
The extensive and increasing use of pneumatic springs in automotive applications has made it appropriate that this manual be prepared to assist the engineer and the designer in understanding the basic principles and uses of pneumatic springs. This manual provides descriptions of the principles involved in pneumatic spring function along with details of the various configurations of pneumatic spring devices and the unique characteristics of each. Pneumatic spring types have been defined correlating with SAE J511 in the SAE (Oct. 1970) Handbook regarding pneumatic spring terminology. Background information tracing the evolution of pneumatic springs has been included, as well as some specific examples of design calculations to serve as a guideline for the designer. Supplementary information regarding auxiliary components and design considerations frequently encountered in automotive pneumatic spring application is provided in an effort to make this manual useful to the automotive engineer. It is the intent of the authors that this manual will be used to guide the engineer in pneumatic spring design and apprise him of the general capabilities and limitations of pneumatic springs. The curves, charts, tables, and calculations in the manual use only SI recommended units.
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