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J45_200905 - Brake System Test Procedure--Snowmobiles

Document Number: J45_200905
Revision Number:
Brake System Test Procedure--Snowmobiles
This SAE Recommended Practice establishes a uniform procedure for the level surface testing of hand-operated brake systems on recreational noncompetitive snowmobiles. Purpose This procedure offers a method of testing snowmobiles on turf. Turf is preferred over snow because test repeatability is more easily obtained. In addition, tests shall be conducted under winter conditions to ensure that the braking systems remain operative and that the vehicle has no undue tendency to lose stability, overturn, or swerve out of a test lane 1.2 m (4 ft) wider than the vehicle when the brakes are applied. The purpose of the document is to establish brake system capabilities with regard to deceleration or stopping distance versus applied brake lever force, as affected by vehicle speed, brake temperature, and usage.
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