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Snowmobile Technical Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1038 Recommendations for Children's Snowmobile Fred H. Bernier Feb 01, 2013
J1161 Operational Sound Level Measurement Procedure for Snowmobiles Edwin Dale Hahn Oct 11, 2011
J2567 Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels of Stationary Snowmobiles Max Richer Feb 23, 2015
J2641 Stationary Sound Testing of Snowmobiles, Procedure and Enforcement Issues Max Richer Mar 04, 2013
J2826 Snowmobile Probe Test for Contact with Power Driven Parts Jon Walter Sep 22, 2014
J2993 Remote Keyless Ignition Design For Snowmobiles Edwin Dale Hahn Dec 29, 2011
J45 Brake System Test Procedure--Snowmobiles Jon Walter Sep 22, 2014
J68 Tests for Snowmobile Switching Devices and Components*HS-34/00* Edwin Dale Hahn Dec 05, 2011