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J2721_201111 - Recommended Corrosion Test Methods for Commercial Vehicle Components

Document Number: J2721_201111
Revision Number:
Recommended Corrosion Test Methods for Commercial Vehicle Components
This document establishes recommended practices to validate acceptable corrosion performance of metallic components and assemblies used in medium truck, heavy truck, and bus and trailer applications. The focus of the document is methods of accelerated testing and evaluation of results. A variety of test procedures are provided that are appropriate for testing components at various locations on the vehicle. The procedures incorporate cyclic conditions including corrosive chemicals, drying, humidity, and abrasive exposure. These procedures are intended to be effective in evaluating a variety of corrosion mechanisms as listed in Table 1. Test duration may be adjusted to achieve any desired level of exposure. Aggravating conditions such as joint rotation, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes are also considered. This document does not address the chemistry of corrosion or methods of corrosion prevention. For information in these areas, refer to SAE J447 or similar standard.
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