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Truck and Bus Brake Actuator Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1450_200905 Air Brake Actuator Diaphragm Test Procedure May 29, 2009 Canceled
J1469_200902 Air Brake Actuator Test Procedure, Truck-Tractor, Bus, and Trailers Feb 03, 2009 Revised
J1817_201212 Long-Stroke Air-Brake Actuator Marking Dec 03, 2012 Revised
J1953_201206 Brake-Stroke Indicator Design Guideline for Cam or Disc Air-Brake Actuators Jun 19, 2012 Revised
J2318_200811 Air Brake Actuator Test Performance Requirements - Truck and Bus Nov 18, 2008 Revised
J2899_201312 Brake Adjustment Limit for Air Brake Actuators Dec 17, 2013 Issued
J2902_201410 Air Disc Brake Actuator Test Procedure, Truck-Tractor, Bus and Trailer Oct 01, 2014 Issued
J2932_201409 Air Disc Brake Actuator Test Requirements Sep 30, 2014 Issued