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J2690_201201 - Driveline Parking Brake Test Procedure for Medium Duty Vehicles

Document Number: J2690_201201
Revision Number:
Driveline Parking Brake Test Procedure for Medium Duty Vehicles
This SAE Recommended Practice establishes uniform test procedures for friction based parking brake components used in conjunction with hydraulic service braked vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 4500 kg (10 000 lb). The components covered in this document are the primary actuation and the foundation park brake. Various peripheral devices such as application dashboard switches or indicators are not included. These test procedures include the following: a. Brake Related Tests 1. Brake Functional Performance 2. Brake Dynamic Torque Performance 3. Brake Corrosion Resistance 4. Brake Endurance with Torque 5. Brake Endurance without Torque 6. Vibration Resistance 7. Brake Ultimate Static Load 8. Brake Lining Wear Adjuster Function b. Actuation Related Tests 1. Mechanical Actuator Functional Performance 2. Mechanical Actuator Endurance 3. Mechanical Actuator Quick Release 4. Mechanical Actuator Ultimate Load 5. Spring Apply Actuator Functional Performance 6. Spring Apply Actuator Operating Temperature Range 7. Spring Apply Actuator Endurance 8. Spring Apply Actuator Corrosion Resistance 9. Spring Apply Actuator On-Off Switch 10. Spring Apply Actuator Vibration
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