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J772_200407 - Clearance Envelopes for Six-Bolt, Eight-Bolt, and Rear Truck Transmission Mounted Power Takeoffs

Document Number: J772_200407
Revision Number:
Clearance Envelopes for Six-Bolt, Eight-Bolt, and Rear Truck Transmission Mounted Power Takeoffs
The purpose of this document is to provide dimensions of clearance envelopes for various types of six-bolt regular-duty, eight-bolt heavy-duty, and side- and rear-mounted truck transmission power takeoffs. These envelopes are applicable to the clearance required immediately adjacent to the power takeoff openings on truck transmissions. Clearance envelopes are provided for the purpose of documenting current practice. It must be recognized that many current designs do not provide these clearances in all orientations and variations. New transmission and power takeoff designs should attempt to adhere to these envelopes where practical, but they should not be construed to be design restrictive; ultimately, the actual power takeoff clearance must be established for each application. In order to provide realistic envelope sizes, there are seven basic ÒtypesÓ of side-mounted P.T.O. envelopes and rear-mounted envelopes as shown in Table 1. All envelopes shown are basic and can be reversed for output to the front or rear of the vehicle. On Types II, III, IV, and VI, output shaft locations can additionally be reversed from that shown to the opposite side of the P.T.O. opening centerline. Driveline envelopes, front or rear, above or below centerline of opening as required, must be a cylinder of the minimum diameter shown and fall within the 15 degree maximum half-cone extending vertically up and down and horizontally outward from the driveline cone apex, for a distance equivalent to that required to bring the P.T.O. driveline beyond points of interference so that auxiliary equipment can be driven. Clearance should be provided on six-bolt openings on mechanical transmissions for Types I, II, and III with Types I and II being a minimum requirement.
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