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J694_200706 - Disc Wheel/Hub or Drum Interface Dimensions--Truck and Bus

Document Number: J694_200706
Revision Number:
Disc Wheel/Hub or Drum Interface Dimensions--Truck and Bus
This SAE Recommended Practice contains dimensions and their tolerances concerning disc wheel to hub or drum interface areas for commercial vehicles and multipurpose passenger vehicles. Stamped disc wheels for single applications and special or less common applications are not covered in this document. This document defines wheel mounting systems and documents the dimensions and tolerances necessary to maintain serviceability, and interchangeability in the interface areas. To be consistent with ISO, it is divided into two sections (I and II). Section I is in concert with ISO 4107, describing mounting systems currently used internationally and nominated for, or included in, the international standard for bolt circle interfaces. Section II records information on current mounting systems also used in North America. Components of different mounting systems with common bolt patterns could be mis-assembled together and cause service problems. Therefore, it is important to note that each mounting system should be treated individually and their components not be intermixed.
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