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J2245_201105 - Recommended Practice for Splash and Spray Evaluation

Document Number: J2245_201105
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Recommended Practice for Splash and Spray Evaluation
This SAE Recommended Practice provides general guidelines for measuring the splash and spray produced by vehicles operating over wet pavements. The guidelines describe both the video digitizing and the laser methods of analysis. The video-digitizing method uses video images and contrast measurements between black and white checkerboards when a spray cloud is superimposed on them as a means of measuring the obscuring spray. The laser method uses laser transmittance through the spray cloud as the means of measurement. It is left to the users of this practice to decide which method is best suited to their needs. There is no implied relationship between these two methods, although it is expected that the ranking of relative spray reduction between test vehicle configurations would be approximately the same. All sections listed in this document are to be considered as common to both methods, unless otherwise noted.
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