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J2014_200112 - Pneumatic Tires for Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

Document Number: J2014_200112
Revision Number:
Pneumatic Tires for Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
This SAE Recommended Practice applies to all combinations of pneumatic tires for military tactical wheeled vehicles only as defined in SAE J2013. This applies to original equipment and new replacement tires and the retreading of these tires. This document describes tests and test methodology, which will be used to evaluate and measure tire and tire/vehicle related performance. The mission profile of the vehicle determines which of these tests are required and should be selected. Therefore, all of the tests included in this document are not required for each tire. The tire technical activity for the vehicle system has the responsibility for the selection of a specific test(s) to be used. The selected test(s) should be limited to that required to evaluate the tire or tire-vehicle characteristic which is related to the desired vehicle performance. Selected requirements of this specification shall be used as the basis for procurement of a tire for military tactical wheeled vehicles.
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