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Truck Bus Control and Communications Network Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1939-16 Automatic Baud Rate Detection Process Rob Frost Oct 16, 2014
J1939-90 OBD Traceability Matrix Jeff Hawkins Jun 24, 2015
J1939/11 Physical Layer, 250 Kbps, Twisted Shielded Pair Wayne Winch Apr 15, 2015
J1939/13 Off-Board Diagnostic Connector David G. Meyer May 11, 2015
J1939/14 Physical Layer, 500 Kbps Wayne Winch Apr 15, 2015
J1939/21 Data Link Layer Eric Keerbs Aug 13, 2015
J1939/3 On Board Diagnostics Implementation Guide Eric Swenson May 23, 2013
J1939/5 Marine Stern Drive and Inboard Spark-Ignition Engine On-Board Diagnostics Implementation Guide Eric Swenson Feb 26, 2015
J1939/74 Application - Configurable Messaging Ronald G. Landman Aug 19, 2015
J1939/75 Application Layer - Generator Sets and Industrial Michael Lyons Jan 20, 2015
J1939/81 Network Management Ronald G. Landman Jul 08, 2014
J1939/84 OBD Communications Compliance Test Cases for Heavy Duty Components and Vehicles Eric Swenson Feb 23, 2015