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J1663_199508 - Truth-In-Labeling Standard for Navigation Map Databases

Document Number: J1663_199508
Revision Number:
Truth-In-Labeling Standard for Navigation Map Databases
This SAE Standard is a truth-in-labeling standard for map databases. This SAE Standard defines consistent terminology, metrics, and tests for describing the content and quality of navigable map databases. This standard wil allow users to determine whether a given map database meets the needs for their application. (A truth-in-labeling standard does NOT specify the physical format of the database or minimum performance standards.) the focus of this document is to support the navigation applications that automotive manufacturers and suppliers are currently developing for marketplace delivery. While the focus is on in-vehicle navigation applications for motor vehicles, the document will be applicable to other ITS traveler applications using digital maps. The primary audience for this document is systems developers of passenger vehicle navigation products.
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