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J4001_199911 - Implementation of Lean Operation User Manual

Document Number: J4001_199911
Revision Number:
Implementation of Lean Operation User Manual
SAE J4001 provides instruction for evaluating levels of compliance to SAE J4000. Component text (Sections 4 to 9) from SAE J4000 is included for convenience during the evaluation process. Applicable definitions and references are contained in SAE J4000. SAE J4000 tests lean implementation within a manufacturing organization and includes those areas of direct overlap with the organization's suppliers and customers. If applied to each consecutive organizational link, an enterprise level evaluation can be made. SAE J4001 relates the following approximate topic percentages to the implementation process as a whole: Element 4 Management/Trust 25% Element 5 People 25% Element 6 Information Element 7 Supplier/Organization/Customer 25% (combined) Element 8 Product Element 9 Process/Flow 25% SAE J4001 is to be applied on a specific component basis. Each of the fifty-two components tests part of, one, or multiples of the specific requirements of lean implementation. Implementation throughout an organization may be measured by evaluating all of the components. The level of compliance for each component relative to best practice may be used as a reference by an organization to compare itself to current best practice in establishing lean operation. Examples of current best practice are available in SAE publication RR003, Automotive Lean Enterprise Conversion Best Practice Examples. An organization may evaluate only selected components without affecting validity of results.
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