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Brake Linings Standards Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J160_201302 Swell, Growth, and Dimensional Stability of Friction Materials and Noise Insulators when Exposed to Elevated Temperatures Feb 13, 2013 Revised
J2257_200207 Brake Lining Shear Testing-See J840 Jul 23, 2002 Canceled
J2468_200612 Road Vehicles - Brake Linings - Compressibility Test Procedure Dec 18, 2006 Revised
J2581_201103 Thermal Transport Properties Germane to Friction Materials and Brakes Mar 08, 2011 Reaffirmed
J2654_201508 Hardness of Brake Lining Aug 27, 2015 Stabilized
J2694_200909 Anti-Noise Brake Pads Shims: T-pull Test Sep 30, 2009 Issued
J2724_201204 Measurement of Disc Brake Friction Material Underlayer Distribution Apr 19, 2012 Reaffirmed
J2725_200901 Road Vehicles--Friction Materials--Elastic Properties Measurements Jan 20, 2009 Issued
J2975_201505 Measurement of Copper and Other Elements in Brake Friction Materials May 07, 2015 Revised
J379_200908 Gogan Hardness of Brake Lining Aug 26, 2009 Reaffirmed
J380_200908 Specific Gravity of Friction Material Aug 26, 2009 Reaffirmed
J661_201211 Brake Lining Quality Test Procedure Nov 01, 2012 Stabilized
J840_200708 Test Procedures for Shear Strength of Automotive Brake Pads and Brake Lining Assemblies Aug 21, 2007 Revised
J866_201207 Friction Coefficient Identification and Environmental Marking System for Brake Linings Jul 16, 2012 Revised