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J667_200202 - Brake Test Code--Inertia Dynamometer

Document Number: J667_200202
Revision Number:
Brake Test Code--Inertia Dynamometer
This SAE Recommended Practice establishes a uniform laboratory procedure for evaluating performance and wear of automotive brakes and brake drums by an inertial dynamometer simulation of vehicle test and operating conditions. The code is applicable to hydraulic, air, or electrically actuated brakes. For electric brakes, 'ampere' values are substituted for 'line pressure' where specified in the procedure or on data and curve sheets. The procedure includes the following tests: 1. Torque output and deceleration (various speeds and brake input). 2. Evaluation of lining life (wear tests). 3. Brake characteristics (fade and recovery tests, noise, chatter, grabbiness). 4. Drum evaluation (wear, heat checking, scoring).
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