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J1794_201108 - SAE Restraint Systems Effluent Test Procedure

Document Number: J1794_201108
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SAE Restraint Systems Effluent Test Procedure
This SAE Recommended Practice describes a method to collect, identify, and quantify effluent resulting from depliyment of in-vehicle stored energy restraint systems. Deployment and collection is completed in a 2.83 m3 (100 ft3) chamber. This procedure is written as a guideline for the identification and quantification of both particulate effluent (size, concentration, and composition) and gaseous effluent (concentration and composition). The intent of this procedure is to describe and recommend testing methods and not to establish limits for the effluent. This procedure should be used in conjunction with performance specifications from the customer and/or manufacturer of the device(s) being tested. This is a general procedure for repetitive and comparative testing, and suggests only general guidelines for the safe conduct of tests and reliable data correlation.
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