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J2961_201201 - Linear Impact Test for Passenger Airbag Modules Component Evaluation

Document Number: J2961_201201
Revision Number:
Linear Impact Test for Passenger Airbag Modules Component Evaluation
This SAE Recommended Practice describes a method to be used when performing linear impact testing for the benchmarking of Passenger Airbag (PAB) modules. The results obtained from the linear impact tests will be used to verify design requirements and/ or specifications, and for other engineering purposes such as module performance comparisons, and/ or correlation to CAE models. The objective of this testing is to obtain the loading and unloading elastic slopes and the plastic limit for the passenger airbag module. The purpose for this procedure is to describe recommended test methods to ensure, to the extent possible, reliable and reproducible test results. Performance limits or acceptance criteria are not established as they are typically defined based on specific vehicle design requirements and/or manufacturer specifications. It is intended to be a general procedure for repetitive testing and suggests only general guidelines for the safe conduct of tests and reliable data correlation.
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