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Vehicle Architecture For Data Communications Standards

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1213/1_199709 Glossary of Vehicle Networks for Multiplexing and Data Communications Sep 01, 1997 Revised
J1213_197806 Glossary of Automotive Electronic Terms Jun 01, 1978 Canceled
J1583_199907 Controller Area Network (Can), An In-Vehicle Serial Communication Protocol Jul 15, 1999 Canceled
J1813_198708 A Vehicle Network Protocol With a Fault Tolerant Multiplex Signal Bus Aug 01, 1987 Canceled
J1850_200606 Class B Data Communications Network Interface Jun 07, 2006 Reaffirmed
J2056/1_200002 Class C Application Requirement Considerations Feb 17, 2000 Canceled
J2056/2_200002 Survey of Known Protocols Feb 17, 2000 Canceled
J2056/3_200002 Selection of Transmission Media Feb 23, 2000 Reaffirmed
J2057/1_200609 Class A Application/Definition Sep 12, 2006 Reaffirmed
J2057/2_200609 Class A Multiplexing Actuators Sep 12, 2006 Reaffirmed
J2057/3_200609 Class A Multiplexing Sensors Sep 12, 2006 Reaffirmed
J2057/4_200609 Class A Multiplexing Architecture Strategies Sep 12, 2006 Reaffirmed
J2058_200207 Chrysler Sensor and Control (CSC) Bus Multiplexing Network for Class 'A' Applications Jul 25, 2002 Canceled
J2106_200207 Token Slot Network for Automotive Control Jul 25, 2002 Canceled
J2178/1_201104 Class B Data Communication Network Messages - Detailed Header Formats and Physical Address Assignments Apr 01, 2011 Stabilized
J2178/2_201104 Class B Data Communication Network Messages - Part 2: Data Parameter Definitions Apr 01, 2011 Stabilized
J2178/3_201105 Class B Data Communication Network Messages - Part 3 - Frame IDs for Single-Byte Forms of Headers May 02, 2011 Stabilized
J2178/4_201104 Class B Data Communication Network Messages - Message Definitions for Three Byte Headers Apr 01, 2011 Stabilized
J2284/1_200203 High Speed Can (Hsc) for Vehicle Applications At 125 Kbps Mar 07, 2002 Issued
J2284/2_200203 High Speed Can (Hsc) for Vehicle Applications At 250 Kbps Mar 07, 2002 Issued
J2284/3_201003 High-Speed CAN (HSC) for Vehicle Applications at 500 KBPS Mar 02, 2010 Revised
J2284_200105 High Speed CAN (HSC) For Passenger Vehicle Applications May 30, 2001 Canceled
J2411_200002 Single Wire Can Network for Vehicle Applications Feb 14, 2000 Issued
J2561_200112 Bluetooth Wireless Protocol for Automotive Applications Dec 31, 2001 Issued
J2602/1_201211 LIN Network for Vehicle Applications Nov 19, 2012 Revised
J2602/2_201211 LIN Network for Vehicle Applications Conformance Test Nov 19, 2012 Revised
J2602/3_201001 File Structures for a Node Capability File (NCF) Jan 07, 2010 Issued
J2716_201001 SENT - Single Edge Nibble Transmission for Automotive Applications Jan 27, 2010 Revised