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Cable Standards Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1127_201210 Low Voltage Battery Cable Oct 18, 2012 Revised
J1128_201310 Low Voltage Primary Cable Oct 09, 2013 Revised
J156_201210 Fusible Links Oct 18, 2012 Revised
J1654_201210 Unshielded High Voltage Primary Cable Oct 23, 2012 Revised
J1678_201210 Low Voltage Ultra Thin Wall Primary Cable Oct 08, 2012 Revised
J2183_201209 60 V and 600 V Single-Core Cables Sep 07, 2012 Stabilized
J2501_201209 Round, Screened and Unscreened, 60 V and 600 V Multi-Core Sheathed Cables Sep 07, 2012 Stabilized
J2840_201402 High Voltage Shielded and Jacketed Cable Feb 07, 2014 Issued