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Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Standards Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
HS3458 SAE Fuel Injection Systems and Testing Methods Standards manual Jan 01, 1997
J1418_200210 Fuel Injection Pumps--High Pressure Pipes (Tubing) for Testing Oct 25, 2002 Reaffirmed
J1419_199904 Tapers for Shaft Ends and Hubs for Fuel Injection Pumps Apr 01, 1999 Reaffirmed
J1549_198804 Diesel Fuel Injection Pump-Validation of Calibrating Nozzle Holder Assemblies Apr 01, 1988 Issued
J1668_199904 Diesel Engines - Fuel Injection Pump Testing Reaffirmed
J1949_198810 Road Vehicles-High Pressure Fuel Injection Pipe End-Connections With 60 Deg Female Cone Oct 01, 1988 Issued
J1958_200210 Diesel Engines--Steel Tubes for High-Pressure Fuel Injection Pipes (Tubing) Oct 25, 2002 Reaffirmed
J1984_200210 Diesel Fuel Injector Assembly Type 28 (9.5 mm) Oct 25, 2002 Reaffirmed
J2265_199506 Diesel Engines-Diesel Fuel-Performance Requirement and Test Method for Assessing Fuel Lubricity Jun 01, 1995 Issued
J2317_200209 Tamper Resistance for Adjustable Parameters on Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps Sep 30, 2002 Reaffirmed
J265_200212 Diesel Fuel Injector Assembly--Types 8, 9, 10, and 11 Dec 13, 2002 Reaffirmed
J347_200210 Diesel Fuel Injector Assembly Type 7 (9.5 mm) Oct 25, 2002 Reaffirmed
J626_199808 Diesel Fuel Injection--End-Mounting Flanges for Fuel Injection Pumps Aug 01, 1998 Reaffirmed
J629_200212 Diesel Fuel Injector Assembly - Flange Mounted Types 5 and 6 Dec 13, 2002 Reaffirmed
J830_199904 Fuel Injection Equipment Nomenclature Apr 21, 1999 Reaffirmed
J967_200208 Calibration Fluid for Diesel Injection Equipment Aug 29, 2002 Reaffirmed
J968/1_200212 Diesel Injection Pump Testing--Part 1: Calibrating Nozzle and holder assemblies Dec 20, 2002 Reaffirmed
J968/2_200212 Diesel Injection Pump Testing--Part 2: Orifice Plate Flow measurement Dec 20, 2002 Reaffirmed