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J1141_199610 - Air Cleaner Elements

Document Number: J1141_199610
Revision Number:
Air Cleaner Elements
Over the past several years many differently sized dry-type air cleaner elements have been manufactured to service the numerous makes and models of United States domestic passenger cars and light trucks. This has led to inventory and stock control inefficiencies that affect the motoring public, the automobile manufacturers, and the air cleaner producers. Currently, there are hundreds of different air cleaner elements required to service these vehicles.

The SAE Air Cleaner Test Code Subcommittee, recognizing the need for standardization of air cleaners has compiled a list of the 25 most used round type and the most used panel type elements. Automotive engineers responsible for the design of engine air induction systems on new applications are encouraged to select a dry-type air cleaner element from these lists. It is expected that by adhering to this recommendation that the currently most popular elements will be chosen for new applications to eliminate further proliferation.

A periodic review will be made by the Air Cleaner Test Code Subcommittee to revise this listing, based on changes in sales volumes rating for these and other models used on United States domestic production vehicles.

Underhood space limitations, available air cleaner housings and engine induction air requirements dictate the choice of the proper element to the automotive engineer. After these general parameters are established refer to one of the tables.

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