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J2027_199806 - Standard for Protective Covers for Gasoline Fuel Line Tubing

Document Number: J2027_199806
Revision Number:
Standard for Protective Covers for Gasoline Fuel Line Tubing
This SAE Standard includes performance requirements for protective covers for flexible, non-metallic fuel tubing. Ultimate performance of the protective cover may be dependent on the interaction of the fuel tubing and protective cover. Therefore, it is recommended that tubing and cover combinations be tested as an assembly, where appropriate, to qualify to this document. This document is intended to provide guidance in regard to key performance parameters for protective covers for fuel tubing. This document is designed to allow selection of predetermined performance levels for these parameters. The engineer may select a specification by the use of a line call-out designation, which will denote the pertinent characteristics of the cover material and/or the tube/cover assembly and their corresponding performance criteria. The engineer is not required to select every characteristic, but only those deemed important to the application. Characteristics not covered by this document and deemed important to the engineer should be added using "Z" suffixes, with a detailed description for each "Z" on the part drawing. This document may involve hazardous materials, operations, and equipment. This document does not address the safety problems associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this document to consult and establish appropriate safety and health practices, and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.
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