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Fuel Systems Standards Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1681 Gasoline, Alcohol, and Diesel Fuel Surrogates for Materials Testing Tracey E. King May 07, 2008
J1748 Methods for Determining Physical Properties of Polymeric Materials Exposed to Hydrocarbon Fuels or Their Surrogates and Their Blends with Oxygenated Additives Paul F. Tuckner Apr 10, 2015
J2044 Quick Connect Coupling Specification for Liquid Fuel and Vapor/Emissions Systems George Szabo Jan 25, 2011
J2260 Nonmetallic Fuel System Tubing with One or More Layers David J. Gabbey Apr 22, 2008
J2587 Optimized Fuel Tank Sender Closure James Potter Apr 19, 2010
J2663 Test Procedure to Measure Permeation of Elastomeric Hose or Tube by Weight Loss Paul F. Tuckner Apr 10, 2015
J2665 Test Procedure to Measure the Fuel Permeability of Materials by the Cup Weight Loss Method Paul F. Tuckner Mar 31, 2011
J2744 Requirements for Built-In Service Port for On Board Diagnostics Philip Yaccarino Apr 24, 2015
J285 Dispenser Nozzle Spouts for Liquid Fuels Intended for Use With Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition Engines Michael Zitkovic Apr 22, 2015
J2852 Impact testing of automotive fuel tanks Pamela M. Graham Jun 26, 2008
J2903 Fuel Delivery Module Design and Testing Standard Christopher Arnold Woodring Jun 03, 2009