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J1604_199501 - Rubber Boots for Drum-Type Hydraulic Brake Wheel Cylinders

Document Number: J1604_199501
Revision Number:
Rubber Boots for Drum-Type Hydraulic Brake Wheel Cylinders
This SAE Standard covers molded rubber boots used as end closures on drum-type wheel brake actuating cylinders to prevent the entrance of dirt and moisture, which could cause corrosion and otherwise impair wheel brake operation. The document includes performance tests of brake cylinder boots of both plain and insert types under specified conditions and does not include requirements relating to chemical composition, tensile strength, or elongation of the rubber compound. Further, it does not cover the strength of the adhesion of rubber to the insert material where an insert is used. The rubber material used in these boots is classified as suitable for operation in a temperature range of -40 to +120 degrees C +/-2 degrees C (-40 to +248 degrees F +/-3.6 degrees F).
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