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Driver Vision Standards Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J100_200501 Class "A" Vehicle Glazing Shade Bands Jan 05, 2005 Revised
J1050_200902 Describing and Measuring the Driver's Field of View Feb 13, 2009 Reaffirmed
J1246_200302 Measuring the Radius of Curvature of Convex Mirrors Feb 20, 2003 Reaffirmed
J264_200406 Vision Glossary Jun 02, 2004 Reaffirmed
J834_199406 Passenger Car Rear Vision Jun 01, 1994 Canceled
J941_201003 Motor Vehicle Drivers' Eye Locations Mar 16, 2010 Revised
J964_200902 Recommended Practice for Measuring Haze and Reflectance of Mirrors Feb 13, 2009 Reaffirmed
J985_200902 Vision Factors Considerations in Rearview Mirror Design Feb 13, 2009 Reaffirmed