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Human Accom and Design Devices Stds Comm

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1052_201009 Motor Vehicle Driver and Passenger Head Position Sep 30, 2010 Revised
J1100_200911 Motor Vehicle Dimensions Nov 20, 2009 Revised
J182_201507 Motor Vehicle Fiducial Marks and Three-dimensional Reference System Jul 15, 2015 Revised
J2732_200806 Motor Vehicle Seat Dimensions Jun 23, 2008 Issued
J287_200702 Driver Hand Control Reach Feb 27, 2007 Revised
J2896_201201 Motor Vehicle Seat Comfort Performance Measures Jan 06, 2012 Issued
J4002_201001 H-Point Machine (HPM-II) Specifications and Procedure for H-Point Determination - Auditing Vehicle Seats Jan 19, 2010 Revised
J4003_200810 H-Point Machine (HPM-II)--Procedure for H-Point Determination--Benchmarking Vehicle Seats Oct 21, 2008 Revised
J4004_200808 Positioning the H-Point Design Tool - Seating Reference Point and Seat Track Length Aug 29, 2008 Revised
J689_200908 Curbstone Clearance, Approach, Departure, and Ramp Breakover Angles--Passenger Car and Light Truck Aug 26, 2009 Canceled
J782_201411 Motor Vehicle Seating Manual Nov 19, 2014 Stabilized
J826/1_201106 CAD Model for SAE J826® 3-D H-Point Machine Jun 09, 2011 Issued
J826_200811 Devices for Use in Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodation Nov 11, 2008 Revised