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J2588_200408 - Remote Steering Control Systems

Document Number: J2588_200408
Revision Number:
Remote Steering Control Systems
This SAE Information Report establishes a uniform procedure for assuring the manufactured quality, installed utility and performance of automotive remote steering controls other than those provided by the vehicle manufacturer (OEM). These products are intended to provide driving capability to persons with physical disabilities. The adaptive modifications seek to compensate for lost or reduced function in the extremities of the driver with a disability. Remote steering controls are designed to provide a steering input device alternative to the OEM steering wheel that either reduces the required input force, changes the required range of motion or changes the location of the steering control or any combination of the above. These controls supplement by power, other than by the driver?s own muscular efforts, the force output of the driver with a disability. Because this is an Information Report, the numerical values for performance measurements presented in this report and in the accompanying Test Procedure, while based upon the best knowledge available at the time, have not been validated by a testing of the Test Procedure.
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