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J1987_199801 - Force and Moment Test Method

Document Number: J1987_199801
Revision Number:
Force and Moment Test Method
This SAE Recommended Practice describes the determination of passenger car and light truck tire force and moment properties on a belt-type flat surface test machine. It is suitable for accurately determining five tire forces and moments in steady-state under free-rolling conditions as a function of slip angle and normal force which are incrementally changed in a given sequence. Heavy-duty tires are not considered in this document, because the measuring system would have force and moment ranges too large to meet sensitivity requirements for passenger and light truck tire force and moment measurements. A standard for heavy-duty truck tires would have many of the same features as this document, but the measuring system, would have to be extensively altered. Inclination angle combined with slip angle, pull forces, and any combination with spindle torque are not considered in this document. Standards needed for these topics will be considered separately. The test method described in this document is suitable for comparative evaluations of tires for research and development purposes. The method is also suitable for use in manufacturing quality control and vehicle dynamics modeling. The values of tire forces and moments obtained on the test machine defined in the procedure outlined can be correlated with similar test machines using the procedure defined in this document.
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