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J2931/7 - Security for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Communications

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Document Number: J2931/7
Project Initiation: 08-12-2011
Sponsor Name: Richard Scholer
Security for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Communications
Develop and document the functional and technical requirements for a standard telematics application programming interface that facilitates two way communications between the PEV telematics service provider and the Energy Services Provider. The telematics interface will provide access to consumer specific usage data e.g. instantaneous usage, consumption usage, volts, amps, VAR, power factor, etc. The telematics common interface solution will encompass, at minimum, four key interfaces: Aggregation, Control, TOU Rates, and Vehicle Information inclusive of interconnectivity with utility energy management systems, utility back office networks, ISOs, RTOs, and consumer home area networks. Use Cases are to be developed to define the attributes of key interface requirements and functionality. Requirements for implementation shall include compliance and/or interoperability with J2847 series of recommended practices, and with Smart Energy Profile 2.0 and/or OpenADR/OpenADE application standards.
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