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Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1383_201005 Performance Requirements for Motor Vehicle Headlamps May 26, 2010 Revised
J1496_198908 Replaceable Bulbs for Headlamps Aug 01, 1989 Canceled
J1606_201102 Headlamp Design Guidelines for Mature Drivers Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J1735_201102 Harmonized Vehicle Headlamp Performance Requirements Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J2009_200510 Discharge Forward Lighting System and Subsystems Oct 03, 2005 Revised
J2111_201507 Headlamp Cleaners Jul 08, 2015 Revised
J2282_201102 Distributed Lighting Systems (DLS) Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J2338_201102 Recommendations of the SAE Task Force on Headlamp Mounting Height Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J2510_200601 Harmonized Front Fog Lamp Jan 04, 2006 Canceled
J2584_201102 Headlamp Mounting Height for Passenger and Pickup Truck Vehicles Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J2591_200811 Adaptive Forward Lighting System Nov 06, 2008 Revised
J2595_200605 Performance Requirements for Sealed Beam Motor Vehicle Headlamps May 04, 2006 Issued
J2650_201305 Performance Requirements for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Road Illumination Devices May 03, 2013 Revised
J2738_201104 Improved Roadway Illumination: Information Resource Apr 14, 2011 Reaffirmed
J2829_201102 Pedestrian Visibility - Low Beam Optimization to Reduce Night-time Fatalities Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J2838_201303 Full Adaptive Forward Lighting Systems Mar 05, 2013 Issued
J3003_201306 Dimensional Specifications for General Service Sealed Lighting Units Jun 06, 2013 Revised
J565_201002 Semiautomatic Headlamp Beam Switching Devices Feb 18, 2010 Revised
J579_199203 Sealed Beam Headlamp Units for Motor Vehicles Mar 23, 1992 Canceled
J581_201102 Auxiliary High Beam Lamps Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J582_200507 Auxiliary Low Beam Lamps Jul 21, 2005 Canceled
J583_201111 Front Fog Lamp Nov 08, 2011 Revised
J599_199708 Lighting Inspection Code Aug 01, 1997 Revised
J600_201102 Headlamp Aim Test Machines Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J602_201102 Headlamp Aiming Device for Mechanically Aimable Headlamp Units Feb 24, 2011 Stabilized
J760_200812 Dimensional Specifications for General Service Sealed Lighting Units*HS-34/08* Dec 12, 2008 Canceled
J856_199901 Connectors and Plugs Jan 29, 1999 Canceled