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Light Duty Vehicle Performance and Economy Measure Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1082_200802 Fuel Economy Measurement Road Test Procedure Feb 18, 2008 Reissued
J1130_199212 Determination of Emissions From Gas Turbine Powered Light Duty Surface Vehicles Dec 01, 1992 Canceled
J1256_200210 Fuel Economy Measurement--Road Test Procedure--Cold Start and Warm-Up Fuel Economy Oct 25, 2002 Canceled
J1263_201003 Road Load Measurement and Dynamometer Simulation Using Coastdown Techniques Mar 09, 2010 Revised
J1491_200607 Vehicle Acceleration Measurement Jul 31, 2006 Reissued
J1634_201210 Battery Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption and Range Test Procedure Oct 04, 2012 Revised
J1635_200210 SAE Cold Start and Driveability Procedure Oct 25, 2002 Canceled
J1666_200210 Electric Vehicle Acceleration, Gradeability, and Deceleration Test Procedure Oct 25, 2002 Canceled
J2263_200812 Road Load Measurement Using Onboard Anemometry and Coastdown Techniques Dec 12, 2008 Revised
J2264_201401 Chassis Dynamometer Simulation of Road Load Using Coastdown Techniques Jan 24, 2014 Revised
J227A_199305 Electric Vehicle Test Procedure May 01, 1993 Canceled
J227_199212 Electric Vehicle Test Procedure Dec 01, 1992 Canceled
J2951_201401 Drive Quality Evaluation for Chassis Dynamometer Testing Jan 24, 2014 Revised