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J1936_200210 - Chemical Methods for the Measurement of Nonregulated Diesel Emissions

Document Number: J1936_200210
Revision Number:
Chemical Methods for the Measurement of Nonregulated Diesel Emissions
This SAE Recommended Practice encompasses analytical procedures for measuring nonregulated diesel exhaust emissions. Methods are recommended for the measurement of aldehydes and carbonyl compounds, sulfates and the characterization of diesel exhaust particulates. Informational methods are presented for the measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in diesel exhaust particulate samples. The procedures are based on current proven chemical and engineering practices. However, it should be noted that the procedures are subject to change to keep pace with established experience and technology.

The procedures are intended for use in the collection, analysis, and characterization of emissions from diesel engines. They are to be used as a guide in standardizing practices so that the results from various sources can be compared with some degree of accuracy. The specific purpose of each chemical method is presented at the beginning of each method section.

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